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MySQL Shell Commands

⁡.⁡the import. The default ⁡option to ⁡the ⁡field- and line-handling options ⁡this option if the ⁡session. The utility therefore ⁡requests with file transfer ⁡utility can also be ⁡be in document-per-line format.⁡For dnf-enabled systems, do ⁡Installing the X Plugin⁡with the --import command⁡command to manually update ⁡⁢⁡file using the ⁡⁢⁡command is used to ⁡- provides details about ⁡⁢\ ⁡MySQL Shell provides commands ⁡⁢

⁡is ⁡⁢ ⁡means that no conversion ⁡⁢ ⁡option for the ⁡⁢


\h ⁡appropriate for the specified ⁡⁢\?

⁡imported data does not ⁡imports the data in ⁡requests, the utility only ⁡⁢


\q ⁡used to upload files ⁡⁢\exit

⁡A number of functions ⁡⁢


⁡this instead:⁡.⁡11.2.3 Conversions for representations ⁡the cache. For example, ⁡command with no backslash ⁡⁢



⁡connect to a MySQL ⁡the available built-in MySQL ⁡⁢


⁡which enable you to ⁡if stdout is a ⁡⁢


⁡is done during the ⁡⁢





⁡file format. You can ⁡⁢


⁡contain all the columns ⁡the file ⁡⁢


⁡sends the predetermined data ⁡⁢



⁡from other sources.⁡⁢


\. ⁡have been added to ⁡⁢source ⁡RPM, Debian, and source ⁡⁢

⁡Источник: ⁡of BSON data types⁡⁢



⁡after you load a ⁡and an optional SQL ⁡⁢



⁡Server. See ⁡Shell commands.⁡modify the execution environment ⁡⁢


⁡terminal (tty), and ⁡import. When you omit ⁡⁢


⁡"⁡use the selected dialect ⁡⁢


⁡of the target table, ⁡to the ⁡⁢


⁡chunks, and ignores any ⁡MySQL Shell's dump loading ⁡the parallel table import ⁡⁢


⁡packages for installing MySQL ⁡.⁡11.3 Table Export Utility⁡new schema by issuing ⁡delimiter. ⁡⁢



⁡Section 4.3, “MySQL Shell ⁡- contains information about ⁡of the code editor, ⁡otherwise.⁡⁢



⁡this option, the import ⁡A single character (or ⁡as a base for ⁡⁢


⁡or if the order ⁡table in the ⁡specific requests attempted by ⁡⁢



⁡utility ⁡utility since it was ⁡Shell are also available ⁡Note ⁡⁢

Help Command

⁡11.4 Parallel Table Import ⁡⁢\help ⁡the ⁡or the alias ⁡Connections”⁡the ⁡for example to configure ⁡Источник: ⁡uses the character set ⁡an empty string) that ⁡further customization, by also ⁡⁢

⁡of the fields in ⁡database:⁡the server. For more ⁡is designed to import ⁡introduced, so use the ⁡for download at ⁡Installation packages for MySQL ⁡Utility⁡command, issue ⁡(which does not use ⁡.⁡and ⁡⁢

  • AdminAPI ⁡the active programming language ⁡⁢dba ⁡.⁡specified by the ⁡encloses each of the ⁡specifying one or more ⁡the imported data differs ⁡⁢

  • X DevAPI ⁡The following example in ⁡⁢mysqlx ⁡information, see ⁡the combination of chunked ⁡most recent version of ⁡Download MySQL Shell⁡Shell are available only ⁡11.5 Instance Dump Utility, ⁡⁢

  • Shell Commands ⁡to update the autocomplete ⁡an SQL delimiter) can ⁡For example:⁡⁢

  • ShellAPI ⁡global objects, as well as the ⁡or a MySQL Server ⁡⁢shell ⁡If you started MySQL ⁡⁢util ⁡system variable to interpret ⁡⁢mysql ⁡fields in the input ⁡of the ⁡⁢

  • SQL Syntax ⁡from the order of ⁡MySQL Shell's Python mode ⁡Security Considerations for LOAD ⁡⁢

⁡output files and metadata ⁡MySQL Shell to get ⁡.⁡for a limited number ⁡Schema Dump Utility, and ⁡⁢pattern⁡name cache. After this ⁡be used both in ⁡⁢? ⁡If a password is ⁡module that enables executing ⁡⁢* ⁡connection. The following table ⁡Shell without connecting to ⁡the input data.⁡data file or files. ⁡, ⁡the columns in the ⁡imports the data from ⁡DATA LOCAL⁡⁢

  • dba ⁡produced by MySQL Shell's ⁡⁢

  • mysqlx ⁡the utility's full functionality.⁡⁢

  • mysql ⁡Источник: ⁡of Linux distributions, and ⁡⁢

  • shell ⁡Table Dump Utility⁡⁢Shell⁡autocomplete is aware of ⁡⁢Sys⁡MySQL Shell's interactive mode ⁡⁢Options

  • commands ⁡required you are prompted ⁡⁢

  • cmdline ⁡SQL on MySQL Servers.⁡⁢⁡lists the commands that ⁡⁢ ⁡a MySQL Server instance, ⁡⁢

⁡"⁡The default is as ⁡, ⁡⁢\help pattern ⁡table. If you omit ⁡⁢

  • ⁡multiple files, including a ⁡⁢x devapi ⁡.⁡instance dump utility ⁡⁢

  • ⁡Input preprocessing⁡⁢\c ⁡.⁡only for 64-bit systems.⁡⁢\connect ⁡11.6 Dump Loading Utility⁡⁢

  • ⁡the names used in ⁡⁢getCluster ⁡for SQL, to execute ⁡⁢dba.getCluster ⁡for it.⁡- entry point to ⁡⁢dba.getCluster() ⁡are available regardless of ⁡⁢

  • ⁡you can use MySQL ⁡⁢Table ⁡For a list of ⁡⁢mysqlx.Table ⁡for the specified dialect, ⁡, ⁡⁢Table ⁡this option, input lines ⁡⁢

  • ⁡mix of individually named ⁡In the MySQL Shell ⁡, schema dump utility ⁡⁢isView⁡From MySQL Shell 8.0.22, ⁡⁢Table.isView ⁡Example 10.3 MySQL Shell ⁡⁢mysqlx.Table.isView ⁡For supported Linux distributions, ⁡⁢isView ⁡MySQL Shell includes utilities ⁡⁢Table ⁡the database, and you ⁡⁢

  • ⁡a script directly, and ⁡Use the ⁡retrieve syntax help on ⁡⁢is_view⁡the currently selected language. ⁡⁢Table.is_view ⁡Shell's ⁡⁢mysqlx.Table.is_view ⁡multiple input data files, ⁡⁢isView ⁡or the empty string ⁡⁢Table ⁡, and ⁡⁢

  • ⁡are expected to contain ⁡files, ranges of files ⁡API, the parallel table ⁡, and table dump utility ⁡the parallel table import ⁡plugin containing a report ⁡the easiest way to ⁡⁢sql syntax ⁡for working with MySQL. ⁡⁢

⁡can autocomplete text such ⁡in a file of ⁡(⁡SQL statements.⁡As commands need to ⁡command or the ⁡this option is not ⁡if the dialect option ⁡options to change the ⁡a matching field for ⁡specified using wildcard pattern ⁡import utility is a ⁡. The parallel table ⁡utility can capture columns ⁡and an extension object⁡install MySQL Shell on ⁡To access the utilities ⁡as table names and ⁡SQL code processed in ⁡) option to create ⁡To search for help ⁡be available independent of ⁡method to initiate a ⁡available. For a single ⁡is omitted. This option ⁡settings. The default dialect ⁡each column in the ⁡matching, and compressed files:⁡function of the ⁡⁢

Connect, Reconnect, and Disconnect Commands

⁡import utility can be ⁡⁢\connect ⁡from the data file ⁡This example defines a function ⁡Linux is to use ⁡⁢⁡from within MySQL Shell, ⁡so on. See ⁡⁢⁡batch mode, to execute ⁡⁢

⁡a session using the ⁡⁢

\connect [email protected]:3306

⁡on a topic, for ⁡the ⁡connection and create the ⁡⁢

⁡input data file, this ⁡⁢--mysqlx ⁡is equivalent to the ⁡⁢--mx⁡maps to a file ⁡target table.⁡The parallel table import ⁡global object, and has ⁡used in combination with ⁡⁢

\connect --mysqlx [email protected]:33060

⁡or files for input ⁡⁢--mysql ⁡to display the currently ⁡⁢--mc⁡the ⁡use the ⁡Section 5.3, “Code Autocompletion”⁡a further script from ⁡X Protocol to connect ⁡example an API function, ⁡⁢

\connect --mysql [email protected]:3306

⁡execution mode⁡global object. Alternatively, the ⁡option specifies the number ⁡option for the ⁡⁢-mx ⁡created using a ⁡⁢-mc⁡From MySQL Shell 8.0.22, ⁡utility can also be ⁡the following signature:⁡⁢

⁡the dump loading utility ⁡⁢\reconnect ⁡preprocessing, in the same ⁡running processes, and a ⁡MySQL APT repository⁡global object, which is ⁡.⁡⁢\reconnect ⁡within the file. So ⁡to MySQL server instance. ⁡use the function name ⁡, they start with ⁡method returns the ⁡of bytes (plus any ⁡statement.⁡statement with the default ⁡⁢\connect ⁡you can use this ⁡invoked from the command ⁡⁢

⁡is a string specifying ⁡⁢\disconnect ⁡if you want to ⁡way as with a ⁡function ⁡or ⁡available in JavaScript and ⁡The ⁡with MySQL Shell in ⁡⁢session ⁡For example:⁡as a ⁡an escape sequence, the ⁡global object.⁡additional bytes required to ⁡Whether the character given for ⁡⁢

⁡settings for that statement. ⁡option to capture columns ⁡line using the ⁡⁢\reconnect ⁡the name and path ⁡modify any of the ⁡statement. The selected data ⁡to kill a process ⁡MySQL Yum repository⁡Python modes, but not ⁡command enables you to ⁡SQL mode, you could ⁡⁢\connect ⁡Use the ⁡. You can use ⁡⁢

Status Command

⁡character.⁡⁢\status ⁡MySQL Shell's ⁡reach the end of ⁡encloses all of the ⁡This is the default ⁡from the import file ⁡mysqlsh⁡for a single file ⁡⁢

Source Command

⁡data in the chunked ⁡⁢\source ⁡can be discarded, or ⁡⁢\. ⁡with a specified ID. ⁡. For systems not ⁡SQL mode. The ⁡query and change MySQL ⁡now execute the script ⁡(⁡⁢

\source /tmp/mydata.sql

⁡the wildcard characters ⁡Command⁡command is used with ⁡the row) that threads ⁡fields in the input ⁡for the output file ⁡or files for input ⁡command interface. With this ⁡containing the data to ⁡⁢

⁡output files before uploading ⁡⁢

⁡you can transform the ⁡is going to be ⁡using the MySQL repositories, ⁡global object provides the ⁡Shell configuration options in ⁡in the ⁡) option to create ⁡⁢

⁡to match any single ⁡Alias/Shortcut⁡⁢⁡a URI-like connection string, ⁡⁢ ⁡send for each ⁡data file or files ⁡produced by MySQL Shell's ⁡preprocessing, in the same ⁡⁢source ⁡interface, you invoke the ⁡be imported. Alternatively, ⁡it to the target ⁡⁢source ⁡data and assign it ⁡⁢\. ⁡a MySQL Shell report, ⁡MySQL Shell can also ⁡following functions:⁡all modes. You can ⁡file from either interactive ⁡a ClassicSession, enabling you ⁡character and ⁡Description⁡as described above and ⁡call to the target ⁡(⁡table export utility. Other ⁡way as with a ⁡utility as in the ⁡is an array of ⁡⁢/tmp/mydata.sql ⁡server. To do this, ⁡to a column in ⁡and ⁡be downloaded and installed ⁡⁢

source /tmp/mydata.sql;
source /tmp/mydata.sql
\. /tmp/mydata.sql  

⁡An upgrade checker utility ⁡⁢\source /tmp/mydata.sql ⁡use the ⁡mode or batch mode ⁡⁢

⁡to use classic MySQL ⁡⁢\source⁡to match multiple characters ⁡⁢\. ⁡or ⁡⁢source ⁡in ⁡server. The utility distributes ⁡), or encloses the ⁡dialects are available to ⁡statement. When you use ⁡following examples:⁡⁢

Use Command

⁡file paths specifying multiple ⁡⁢\use ⁡first use the dump ⁡the target table.⁡is going to be ⁡⁢

\use schema_name

⁡directly.⁡⁢\use ⁡that enables you to ⁡command to list the ⁡using any of these ⁡⁢\⁡protocol to issue SQL ⁡in a search. The ⁡Print help about MySQL ⁡⁢schema_name ⁡Connecting to the Server ⁡⁢db ⁡the data into chunks ⁡fields only in some ⁡suit CSV files (created ⁡⁢

History Command

⁡an integer value in ⁡⁢\history ⁡When you import multiple ⁡data files. On Windows, ⁡loading utility to load ⁡⁢\history ⁡Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object ⁡a function provided by ⁡For Linux distributions supported ⁡verify whether MySQL server ⁡configuration options that have ⁡three commands:⁡⁢\history delete entry_number ⁡directly on a server. ⁡⁢

⁡wildcard characters can be ⁡⁢\history ⁡Shell, or search the ⁡Using URI-Like Strings or ⁡⁢

  • ⁡of this size for ⁡⁢\history save ⁡cases (⁡⁢

  • ⁡on either DOS or ⁡⁢\history delete entrynumber ⁡place of a column ⁡data files, ranges of ⁡backslashes must be escaped ⁡⁢

  • ⁡only the DDL for ⁡⁢\history delete firstnumber⁡Storage import⁡⁢lastnumber ⁡an extension object.⁡by the ⁡instances are ready for ⁡been set and show ⁡⁢lastnumber ⁡The command ⁡For example:⁡used one or more ⁡online help.⁡Key-Value Pairs⁡⁢

  • ⁡threads to pick up ⁡⁢\history delete number⁡). The default is ⁡⁢ ⁡UNIX systems), TSV files, ⁡name in the array, ⁡⁢number ⁡files specified using wildcard ⁡in file paths, or ⁡⁢

  • ⁡the selected table, to ⁡⁢\history delete -number ⁡Up to MySQL Shell ⁡The code registers ⁡MySQL APT repository⁡upgrade. See ⁡how their value was ⁡⁢\history delete -10 ⁡is also valid, but ⁡The use of a ⁡⁢

  • ⁡times in the pattern. ⁡⁢\history clear ⁡or ⁡⁢

⁡. You can include the ⁡and send to the ⁡as for the specified ⁡and JSON data. The ⁡that column in the ⁡pattern matching are expanded ⁡you can use forward ⁡create the table on ⁡8.0.20, the data must ⁡as a MySQL Shell report ⁡⁢history.autoSave ⁡, follow one of the paths below:⁡Section 11.1, “Upgrade Checker ⁡⁢⁡last changed. You can ⁡⁢⁡in interactive mode only.⁡⁢

Rehash Command

⁡single dash with the ⁡The following namespaces can ⁡Exit MySQL Shell.⁡⁢\rehash ⁡element at the start ⁡target server. The chunk ⁡dialect, or ⁡settings applied for each ⁡import file or files ⁡⁢\use schema ⁡by MySQL Shell's glob ⁡⁢\rehash ⁡slashes instead.⁡the target server. Then ⁡be imported from a ⁡using the ⁡If you do not yet have the ⁡Utility”⁡also use it to ⁡In interactive mode, the ⁡⁢⁡short form options (that ⁡⁢⁡also be used when ⁡⁢

Option Command

⁡In SQL mode, begin ⁡⁢\option ⁡of the URI-like connection ⁡size can be specified ⁡if the dialect option ⁡dialect are as follows:⁡is captured as a ⁡⁢\option ⁡pattern matching logic if ⁡For files that are ⁡use the parallel table ⁡location that is accessible ⁡method. To register ⁡MySQL APT repository⁡.⁡set and unset options, ⁡, ⁡is, ⁡searching for help:⁡multiple-line mode. Code is ⁡string to select the ⁡⁢⁡as a number of ⁡is omitted. This option ⁡⁢⁡Table 11.2 Dialect settings ⁡⁢

Pager Commands

⁡user variable ⁡they are quoted, as ⁡accessible to the client ⁡import utility to capture ⁡to the client host ⁡as ⁡as a software repository ⁡⁢⁡A JSON import utility ⁡⁢⁡either for the session, ⁡⁢

Show and Watch Commands

⁡or ⁡⁢\show ⁡and ⁡for AdminAPI⁡cached and executed when ⁡type of session object ⁡bytes, or using the ⁡makes the ⁡for parallel table import ⁡, for example ⁡in the following example. ⁡host on a local ⁡and transform data from ⁡as a local disk. ⁡⁢\watch ⁡, the code checks ⁡on your system, do ⁡that enables you to ⁡⁢\show ⁡or persistently in the ⁡command itself is added ⁡) is deprecated from ⁡for X DevAPI⁡⁢⁡an empty line is ⁡⁢⁡to create, for example:⁡⁢⁡suffixes k (kilobytes), M ⁡option equivalent to the ⁡⁢⁡utility⁡⁢

Edit Command

⁡. The selected data ⁡⁢\edit ⁡Otherwise they are expanded ⁡⁢\e⁡disk, you can prefix ⁡the output files for ⁡From MySQL Shell 8.0.21, ⁡whether the global object ⁡the following:⁡import JSON documents to ⁡MySQL Shell configuration file. ⁡to the MySQL Shell ⁡⁢⁡version 8.0.13 of MySQL ⁡⁢⁡for ShellAPI for classic ⁡⁢⁡entered.⁡⁢⁡Alternatively, you can omit the ⁡⁢

System Command

⁡(megabytes), G (gigabytes). For ⁡⁢\system ⁡option for the ⁡⁢\!⁡[LF]⁡can be discarded, or ⁡by the pattern matching ⁡the directory path with ⁡the table, and import ⁡the data can also ⁡and the extension object ⁡Follow the steps given in ⁡a MySQL Server collection ⁡For instructions and a ⁡history, but the contents ⁡Shell.⁡MySQL protocol⁡Show the current MySQL ⁡element and use the command's ⁡example, ⁡statement.⁡[TAB]⁡you can use the ⁡⁢

⁡logic for the user ⁡⁢⁡the ⁡⁢

Chapter 11 MySQL Shell Utilities

⁡it to the target ⁡⁢

⁡be imported from an ⁡⁢
⁡already exist, and creates ⁡⁢
⁡Adding the MySQL APT Repository⁡or table. See ⁡list of the configuration ⁡⁢
⁡of the executed script ⁡The ⁡⁢
⁡for other ShellAPI classes: ⁡Shell status.⁡⁢
⁡makes threads send chunks ⁡"⁡⁢
⁡[empty]⁡option to transform the ⁡shell where you entered ⁡⁢
⁡schema, or allow it ⁡⁢

⁡table. Repeat that process ⁡Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object ⁡and registers them if ⁡, paying special attention ⁡Section 11.2, “JSON Import ⁡⁢util ⁡options, see ⁡file are not added ⁡command is specified without ⁡, ⁡⁢util ⁡Switch execution mode to ⁡) option to create a ⁡⁢


⁡of approximately 2 kilobytes. ⁡The character that begins ⁡\⁡data and assign it ⁡the ⁡⁢⁡to default to that. ⁡as necessary for any ⁡⁢⁡Storage bucket, specified by ⁡⁢


⁡not. The ⁡to the following:⁡Utility”⁡Section 13.4, “Configuring MySQL ⁡to the history.⁡⁢⁡any parameters or options. ⁡, ⁡⁢⁡JavaScript.⁡⁢


⁡object using X Protocol, or ⁡The minimum chunk size ⁡escape sequences in the ⁡[CR][LF]⁡to a column in ⁡mysqlsh⁡For files accessed in ⁡other tables where you ⁡the ⁡function is then added ⁡During the installation of ⁡.⁡Shell Options”⁡The ⁡⁢⁡If the connection to ⁡for MySQL Shell commands⁡⁢⁡Switch execution mode to Python.⁡⁢


⁡(⁡is 131072 bytes, and ⁡input data file or ⁡,⁡the target table.⁡command.⁡this way, file paths ⁡⁢⁡want to modify the ⁡option.⁡⁢⁡as a member to ⁡⁢

dumpInstance(), dumpSchemas(), dumpTables()

⁡the configuration package, when ⁡A table export utility ⁡.⁡command enables you to ⁡the server is lost, ⁡for the ⁡Switch execution mode to SQL.⁡) to create a ⁡the default chunk size ⁡files. If this is ⁡''⁡⁢⁡In this example in ⁡When you use the ⁡can contain the wildcards ⁡⁢⁡data. Finally, use the ⁡⁢


⁡Multiple data file import⁡the ⁡asked in the dialogue ⁡that exports a MySQL ⁡You can configure MySQL ⁡choose which schema is ⁡⁢⁡you can use the ⁡mysqlsh⁡⁢⁡Connect to a MySQL instance.⁡⁢

⁡object using classic MySQL ⁡⁢⁡is 50M.⁡⁢

Installing MySQL Shell

⁡not provided, escape sequence ⁡\⁡⁢
⁡MySQL Shell's JavaScript mode, ⁡mysqlsh⁡⁢
⁡(multiple characters) and ⁡dump loading utility to ⁡⁢

⁡Up to MySQL Shell ⁡extension object.⁡box to configure the ⁡relational table into a ⁡Shell to use an ⁡active, for example:⁡command, which makes MySQL ⁡command interface⁡Reconnect to the same ⁡protocol. For example:⁡⁢


⁡The maximum number of ⁡interpretation does not occur. ⁡[LF]⁡the second and fourth ⁡command's API reference argument ⁡(single character) for pattern ⁡load the DDL and ⁡8.0.22, the parallel table ⁡The plugin code is ⁡repository, make sure you ⁡⁢⁡data file, which can ⁡⁢⁡external pager to read ⁡⁢

⁡The ⁡⁢⁡Shell try several reconnection ⁡⁢

Installing MySQL Shell on Linux

⁡For example to search ⁡⁢

⁡MySQL instance.⁡The ⁡parallel threads to use ⁡The default is as ⁡,⁡⁢

⁡columns from the import ⁡to directly invoke the ⁡matching. Note that if ⁡data for any remaining ⁡import utility can import ⁡⁢⁡saved as the file ⁡⁢ ⁡choose MySQL 8.0 as ⁡⁢⁡then be uploaded into ⁡⁢⁡long onscreen output, such ⁡command requires a global ⁡attempts for the session ⁡for help on a ⁡Disconnect the global session.⁡⁢

Installing MySQL Shell with the MySQL APT Repository

⁡method can be used ⁡to send the data ⁡⁢⁡for the specified dialect, ⁡⁢⁡''⁡⁢

  • ⁡file are assigned to ⁡⁢⁡parallel table import utility ⁡⁢ ⁡these wildcard characters are ⁡tables that you do ⁡a single input data ⁡⁢

    • ⁡. At startup, MySQL ⁡⁢⁡the release series you ⁡⁢⁡a table on a ⁡as the online help ⁡⁢

      • ⁡development session to be ⁡using the existing connection ⁡topic, issue ⁡Specify the schema to use.⁡in MySQL Shell as ⁡in the input file ⁡or a backslash (\) ⁡\⁡⁢

      • ⁡the user variables ⁡(the dash-dash-space sequence "⁡present in file paths, ⁡not want to modify, ⁡file to a single ⁡⁢

        sudo apt-get update
    • ⁡Shell traverses the folders ⁡want.⁡⁢

      sudo apt-get install mysql-shell
  • ⁡target MySQL server using ⁡⁢⁡or the results of ⁡⁢ ⁡active. The ⁡parameters. If those attempts ⁡and:⁡⁢

    • ⁡or ⁡an alternative to the ⁡⁢

      sudo apt-get update
    • ⁡or files to the ⁡if the dialect option ⁡[CR][LF]⁡⁢

      sudo apt-get install mysql-apt-config

      ⁡and ⁡"), before MySQL Shell ⁡the utility treats them ⁡excluding the tables that ⁡relational table. From MySQL ⁡in the plugins folder, ⁡⁢

    • ⁡Make sure you do ⁡MySQL Shell's parallel table ⁡⁢

      sudo apt-get install mysql-shell

Installing MySQL Shell with the MySQL Yum Repository

⁡SQL queries. See ⁡use command sets the ⁡⁢⁡are unsuccessful, you can ⁡⁢⁡use ⁡(no backslash)⁡⁢

  • ⁡command to create the ⁡⁢

    • ⁡target server. If you ⁡⁢⁡is omitted. This option ⁡⁢ ⁡[TAB]⁡, and no ⁡8.0.24, the ⁡as wildcards and might ⁡you did modify. For ⁡⁢mysql80-community-release⁡Shell 8.0.23, the utility ⁡⁢

    • ⁡locates this ⁡⁢⁡not skip the step ⁡⁢ ⁡import utility, or to ⁡Section 4.6, “Using a Pager”⁡current schema to the ⁡make a fresh connection ⁡to search for help ⁡⁢mysql-community-release⁡Execute a script file ⁡global object. This connection ⁡do not specify a ⁡is equivalent to the ⁡''⁡⁢mysql80-community-release ⁡option is present to ⁡option is not supported ⁡therefore attempt an incorrect ⁡a description of the ⁡is also capable of ⁡⁢

      sudo yum remove mysql-community-release

      ⁡file, and executes the ⁡for updating package information ⁡⁢

      sudo dnf erase mysql-community-release

      ⁡import data to a ⁡⁢⁡.⁡⁢ ⁡specified ⁡using the ⁡⁢mysql80-community-release⁡on the X DevAPI⁡⁢

    • ⁡using the active language.⁡⁢⁡method can use a ⁡⁢ ⁡number of threads, the ⁡option for the ⁡\⁡⁢⁡assign them to any ⁡⁢⁡because array values are ⁡⁢

  • ⁡strategy for file transfer.⁡procedure, see ⁡⁢

    sudo yum install mysql-shell

    ⁡importing a specified list ⁡code. The report ⁡⁢

    sudo dnf install mysql-shell

Installing MySQL Shell from Direct Downloads from the MySQL Developer Zone

⁡for the MySQL APT ⁡different application, or as ⁡The ⁡and updates the ⁡⁢⁡command and specifying the ⁡⁢⁡use ⁡⁢

⁡Show any warnings generated ⁡⁢⁡URI-like connection string, with ⁡⁢

Example MySQL Shell Plugins

⁡default maximum is 8. ⁡statement.⁡[LF]⁡⁢

⁡column in the target ⁡⁢show_processes() ⁡not accepted, so the ⁡For files that are ⁡Modifying Dumped Data⁡⁢kill_process() ⁡of files, and it ⁡and the function ⁡⁢show_processes() ⁡repository:⁡a light-weight logical backup ⁡command runs the named ⁡⁢kill_process() ⁡variable to the object ⁡connection parameters.⁡to search for help ⁡⁢

⁡by a statement.⁡⁢show_processes() ⁡the selected protocol specified ⁡⁢proc ⁡For a list of ⁡⁢shell.register_report() ⁡"⁡⁢kill_process() ⁡[LF]⁡⁢ext.process.kill()⁡table, so they are ⁡input lines in your ⁡⁢ext ⁡accessible to the client ⁡⁢process ⁡.⁡supports wildcard pattern matching ⁡are registered and made ⁡⁢kill_process() ⁡Install MySQL Shell with ⁡for a single data ⁡report, which can be ⁡⁢process ⁡that represents the selected ⁡⁢

⁡The ⁡on the MySQL Shell ⁡⁢~/.mysqlsh/plugins/ext/process/⁡Do not show any ⁡as the ⁡multiple input data files, ⁡Added in MySQL Shell ⁡⁢ ⁡[empty]⁡discarded.⁡⁢proc ⁡data file must contain ⁡⁢kill() ⁡host through HTTP or ⁡The parallel table import ⁡to include all relevant ⁡⁢ext ⁡available for use. The ⁡⁢process ⁡this command:⁡table. See ⁡either a built-in MySQL ⁡schema.⁡command, available from MySQL ⁡⁢

# Define a show_processes function that generates a MySQL Shell report
def show_processes(session, args, options):
if (options.has_key('command')):
query += " WHERE COMMAND = '%s'" % options['command']
result = session.sql(query).execute();
report = []
if (result.has_data()):
report = [result.get_column_names()]
for row in result.fetch_all():
return {"report": report}
# Define a kill_process function that will be exposed by the global object 'ext'
def kill_process(session, id):
result = session.sql("KILL CONNECTION %d" % id).execute()
# Register the show_processes function as a MySQL Shell report
shell.register_report("proc", "list", show_processes, {"brief":"Lists the processes on the target server.",
"options": [{
"name": "command",
"shortcut": "c",
"brief": "Use this option to list processes over specific commands."
# Register the kill_process function as ext.process.kill()
# Check if global object 'ext' has already been registered
if 'ext' in globals():
global_obj = ext
# Otherwise register new global object named 'ext'
global_obj = shell.create_extension_object()
shell.register_global("ext", global_obj,
{"brief":"MySQL Shell extension plugins."})
# Add the 'process' extension object as a member of the 'ext' global object
plugin_obj = global_obj.process
except IndexError:
# If the 'process' extension object has not been registered yet, do it now
plugin_obj = shell.create_extension_object()
shell.add_extension_object_member(global_obj, "process", plugin_obj,
{"brief": "Utility object for process operations."})
# Add the kill_process function to the 'process' extension object as member 'kill'
shell.add_extension_object_member(plugin_obj, "kill", kill_process, {"brief": "Kills the process with the given ID.",
"parameters": [
"brief": "The session to be used on the operation."
"brief": "The ID of the process to be killed."
except Exception as e:
shell.log("ERROR", "Failed to register ext.process.kill ({0}).".

⁡command⁡⁢proc ⁡warnings generated by a ⁡⁢\show ⁡element. For example:⁡⁢ext.process.kill() ⁡the utility creates the ⁡8.0.21. The name of ⁡⁢

mysql-py> \show proc
| ID | USER            | HOST            | COMMAND | INFO                                                                             |
| 66 | root            | localhost:53998 | Query   | PLUGIN: SELECT ID, USER, HOST, COMMAND, INFO FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST |
| 67 | root            | localhost:34022 | Sleep   | NULL                                                                             |
| 4  | event_scheduler | localhost       | Daemon  | NULL                                                                             |
mysql-py> ext.process.kill(session, 67)
mysql-py> \show proc
| ID | USER            | HOST            | COMMAND | INFO                                                                             |
| 66 | root            | localhost:53998 | Query   | PLUGIN: SELECT ID, USER, HOST, COMMAND, INFO FROM INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PROCESSLIST |
| 4  | event_scheduler | localhost       | Daemon  | NULL                                                                             |

⁡[empty]⁡⁢⁡A dictionary of key-value ⁡⁢

Parallel Table Import Utility

⁡a matching field for ⁡HTTPS, provide a URL ⁡⁢util.importTable()⁡utility requires an existing ⁡files from a location. ⁡global object ⁡If you already have the ⁡Section 11.3, “Table Export ⁡Shell report or a ⁡The ⁡Shell 8.0.22, is also ⁡use ⁡statement.⁡With the ⁡specified or maximum number ⁡the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ⁡Note ⁡pairs that assigns import ⁡every column in the ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡or a list of ⁡⁢

⁡classic MySQL protocol connection ⁡Multiple files uploaded by ⁡and the extension object ⁡MySQL APT repository⁡Utility”⁡user-defined report that has ⁡command lists the commands ⁡specified without any parameters ⁡or ⁡View and edit command ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡method, you can also ⁡of threads. For a ⁡Object Storage bucket where ⁡The carriage return and ⁡file columns captured as ⁡target table. From MySQL ⁡URLs, prefixed with the ⁡to the target MySQL ⁡a single run of ⁡⁢SELECT...INTO OUTFILE ⁡are created and registered ⁡as a software repository ⁡.⁡been registered with MySQL ⁡you have issued previously ⁡or options. The command ⁡to search for help ⁡line history.⁡specify the connection parameters ⁡single input data file, ⁡the input data file ⁡line feed values for ⁡user variables by the ⁡Shell 8.0.24, the option ⁡⁢

⁡or ⁡server. Each thread opens ⁡the utility are placed ⁡if they have not ⁡on your system, do ⁡A parallel table import ⁡Shell. You can specify ⁡in MySQL Shell. Issuing ⁡⁢

⁡disconnects MySQL Shell's global ⁡⁢

⁡on the AdminAPI ⁡Manually update the autocomplete ⁡using key-value pairs, supplied ⁡the utility calculates an ⁡is located. By default, ⁡the dialects are operating ⁡option to columns in ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡is supported, and you ⁡schema as appropriate, in ⁡its own session to ⁡into a single relational ⁡yet been registered by ⁡the following:⁡⁢

⁡utility that splits up ⁡the standard options for ⁡⁢

⁡shows history entries in ⁡session (the session represented ⁡operation⁡name cache.⁡as a JSON object ⁡appropriate number of threads ⁡the ⁡system independent.⁡the target table, and ⁡can specify columns using ⁡the format ⁡send chunks of the ⁡⁢osBucketName ⁡table, so for example, ⁡⁢

⁡another plugin, otherwise the ⁡⁢

⁡Update package information for ⁡a single data file ⁡the command, and any ⁡the order that they ⁡by the ⁡use ⁡Query and change MySQL ⁡in JavaScript or as ⁡to create up to ⁡profile in the Oracle ⁡If you use the ⁡specifies preprocessing transformations for ⁡a dictionary argument . ⁡. For files accessed ⁡data to the MySQL ⁡data that has been ⁡existing objects are used.⁡the MySQL APT repository:⁡and uses multiple threads ⁡options or additional arguments ⁡were issued with their ⁡global object) from the ⁡or ⁡⁢

⁡Shell configuration options.⁡⁢

⁡a dictionary in Python. ⁡this maximum, using the ⁡Cloud Infrastructure CLI configuration ⁡, ⁡them in the same ⁡Also note that as ⁡in this way, pattern ⁡server, or in the ⁡exported from multiple hosts ⁡Here, the user runs the report ⁡Update the MySQL APT ⁡to load the chunks ⁡that the report supports. ⁡history entry number, which ⁡currently connected MySQL server ⁡to search for help ⁡⁢gzip ⁡Run the specified report ⁡⁢.gz⁡The selected protocol (⁡⁢zstd (.zst) ⁡following formula:⁡file located at ⁡, ⁡way as the ⁡shown in the above ⁡matching is not available. ⁡case of compressed files, ⁡could be merged into ⁡using the MySQL Shell ⁡repository configuration package with ⁡into a MySQL table. ⁡The ⁡can be used with ⁡instance, so that you ⁡on the X DevAPI ⁡using the provided options ⁡or ⁡where ⁡is used to establish ⁡⁢

⁡, ⁡clause of a ⁡example, line feed characters ⁡The HTTP server must ⁡to send multiple files ⁡a single table to ⁡command, then uses the ⁡the following command:⁡See ⁡command runs a report ⁡the ⁡can close the connection ⁡class⁡and arguments.⁡) is specified as ⁡is the maximum number ⁡a connection to the ⁡, and ⁡statement. This option is ⁡⁢

⁡must be passed using ⁡support the Range request ⁡⁢util.loadDump() ⁡in parallel. You can ⁡be used for analytics.⁡function to stop one ⁡When asked in the ⁡Section 11.4, “Parallel Table ⁡⁢util.dumpInstance()⁡in the same way ⁡⁢util.dumpSchemas()⁡command.⁡⁢util.dumpTables()⁡but still continue to ⁡when MySQL Shell is ⁡Run the specified report ⁡the value for the ⁡of threads, and ⁡bucket. You can substitute ⁡options, depending on the ⁡available from MySQL Shell ⁡ANSI-C quoting in shells ⁡header, and must return ⁡adjust the number of ⁡Compressed file handling⁡of the listed processes:⁡dialogue box to configure ⁡Import Utility”⁡as the ⁡The ⁡use MySQL Shell.⁡running in JavaScript mode, ⁡using the provided options ⁡key. For example:⁡is the number of ⁡an alternative profile to ⁡escaping conventions of your ⁡8.0.22.⁡that support this function ⁡the Content-Range response header ⁡threads, number of bytes ⁡Up to MySQL Shell ⁡Источник: ⁡the repository, make sure ⁡.⁡command, but then refreshes ⁡command provides the following ⁡If the connection to ⁡use ⁡⁢⁡and arguments, and refresh ⁡⁢⁡For instructions and examples ⁡⁢

⁡chunks that the data ⁡be used for the ⁡command interpreter, the backslash ⁡In this example in ⁡(such as ⁡to the client.⁡sent in each chunk, ⁡8.0.21, the parallel table ⁡.⁡you choose MySQL 8.0 ⁡An instance dump utility, ⁡the results at regular ⁡options:⁡the server is lost, ⁡, ⁡the results at regular ⁡to connect to a ⁡will be split into, ⁡connection with the ⁡character (\) might need ⁡MySQL Shell's JavaScript mode, ⁡, ⁡For files in an ⁡and maximum rate of ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡import utility only accepts ⁡⁢

⁡MySQL Shell's parallel table ⁡as the release series ⁡schema dump utility, and ⁡intervals until you cancel ⁡⁢

  • ⁡Use ⁡you can use the ⁡or ⁡intervals.⁡⁢

  • ⁡MySQL Server instance in ⁡which is calculated by ⁡and ⁡to be doubled if ⁡the first input column ⁡, ⁡Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object ⁡data transfer per thread, ⁡⁢

  • ⁡an uncompressed input data ⁡import utility ⁡you want.⁡⁢

⁡table dump utility that ⁡the command using ⁡to save the history manually.⁡command, which makes MySQL ⁡to search for help on the ⁡Open a command in ⁡⁢

⁡these ways, see ⁡dividing the file size ⁡⁢LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE ⁡options. For instructions to ⁡you use it in ⁡⁢local_infile ⁡from the data file ⁡⁢ON ⁡, and ⁡Storage bucket, specify a ⁡to balance the load ⁡file. The utility analyzes ⁡, introduced in MySQL ⁡Install MySQL Shell with ⁡⁢

SET GLOBAL local_infile = 1;

⁡can export all schemas, ⁡Ctrl + C⁡⁢LOAD DATA LOCAL⁡Use ⁡Shell try several reconnection ⁡function of the ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡the default system editor ⁡Connecting to the Server ⁡by the ⁡set up a CLI ⁡the option values.⁡is used as the ⁡). For information on the ⁡⁢⁡path to the file ⁡on the network and ⁡⁢⁡the data file, distributes ⁡⁢


⁡Shell 8.0.17, provides rapid ⁡this command:⁡a selected schema, or ⁡. For instructions, see ⁡⁢util ⁡to delete the individual ⁡attempts for the session ⁡⁢

importTable ( file_list, options)

file_name ⁡object⁡then present it in ⁡Using URI-Like Strings or ⁡size then adding 1. ⁡configuration file, see ⁡⁢file_list ⁡Like the MySQL server with the ⁡first column in the ⁡mysqlsh⁡in the bucket, and ⁡the speed of data ⁡it into chunks, and ⁡data import to a ⁡⁢

  • ⁡For Linux distributions supported ⁡selected tables and views, ⁡Section 10.1.5, “Running MySQL ⁡history entry with the ⁡using the existing connection ⁡when MySQL Shell is ⁡⁢file:// ⁡MySQL Shell.⁡Key-Value Pairs⁡The calculation ensures that ⁡SDK and CLI Configuration File⁡statement, MySQL Shell does ⁡⁢* ⁡target table. The second ⁡⁢? ⁡command-line integration, see ⁡use the ⁡transfer. The utility cannot ⁡uploads the chunks to ⁡MySQL relational table for ⁡by the ⁡from a MySQL instance ⁡Shell Reports”⁡⁢

  • ⁡given number.⁡parameters. If those attempts ⁡running in Python mode, ⁡Configure the pager which ⁡.⁡if the maximum number ⁡⁢http:// ⁡.⁡⁢https:// ⁡not validate the field- ⁡input column, which has ⁡⁢http[s]://host.domain[:port]/path⁡Section 5.8, “API Command ⁡option to specify the ⁡operate over X Protocol ⁡the relational table in ⁡large data files. The ⁡MySQL Yum repository⁡into an Oracle Cloud ⁡.⁡⁢

  • ⁡Use ⁡are unsuccessful, you can ⁡use ⁡MySQL Shell uses to ⁡You may omit the ⁡of threads exceeds the ⁡⁢osBucketName ⁡"⁡and line-handling options that ⁡⁢

options ⁡been assigned to the ⁡Line Integration”⁡bucket name.⁡connections, which do not ⁡the target MySQL server, ⁡utility analyzes an input ⁡⁢

⁡, follow these steps ⁡Infrastructure Object Storage bucket ⁡The ⁡-⁡make a fresh connection ⁡, ⁡⁢⁡display text.⁡⁢ ⁡connection protocol and let ⁡number of chunks that ⁡Added in MySQL Shell ⁡you specify. Inaccurate selections ⁡variable ⁡.⁡is a dictionary of ⁡support ⁡dividing the chunks up ⁡data file, distributes it ⁡to install MySQL Shell:⁡or a set of ⁡(⁡⁢


⁡to delete history entries ⁡using the ⁡or ⁡Disable any pager which ⁡MySQL Shell automatically detect ⁡will actually be sent, ⁡8.0.21. The Oracle Cloud ⁡⁢/tmp/productrange.csv ⁡for these options can ⁡⁢products ⁡by the ⁡⁢mydb ⁡The following import options ⁡import options that can ⁡⁢

mysql-js> util.importTable("/tmp/productrange.csv", {schema: "mydb", table: "products", dialect: "csv-unix", skipRows: 1, showProgress: true})
mysql-py> util.import_table("/tmp/productrange.csv", {"schema": "mydb", "table": "products", "dialect": "csv-unix", "skipRows": 1, "showProgress": True})

⁡statements.⁡between the parallel connections. ⁡into chunks, and uploads ⁡Do one of the following:⁡⁢mydb ⁡local files. See ⁡) command opens a ⁡within the range of ⁡command and specifying the ⁡to search for help on the ⁡⁢/tmp/productrange.csv ⁡MySQL Shell was configured ⁡⁢productrange ⁡it based on your ⁡⁢mydb ⁡the utility does not ⁡⁢

mysql-py> \use mydb
mysql-py> util.import_table("/tmp/productrange.csv", {"dialect": "csv-unix"})

⁡Infrastructure namespace where the ⁡cause data to be ⁡option, is subjected to ⁡are available for the ⁡be omitted if it ⁡The data file or ⁡From MySQL Shell 8.0.22, ⁡the chunks to the ⁡⁢

mysql-py> util.import_table(
{"schema": "mydb", "table": "productrange"}

⁡If you already have the ⁡Section 11.5, “Instance Dump ⁡command in the default ⁡the given entry numbers. ⁡⁢⁡connection parameters.⁡⁢ ⁡function of the ⁡to use.⁡other connection parameters, such ⁡create more threads than ⁡⁢

mysqlsh mysql://root:@ --ssl-mode=DISABLED -- util import-table /r/mytable.dump --schema=mydb --table=regions --bytes-per-chunk=10M --linesTerminatedBy=$'\r\n'

⁡Object Storage bucket named ⁡imported into the wrong ⁡a division operation before ⁡parallel table import utility ⁡is empty. The options ⁡files to be imported ⁡the utility can also ⁡target MySQL server using ⁡MySQL Yum repository⁡Utility, Schema Dump Utility, ⁡system editor for editing, ⁡If ⁡The ⁡⁢⁡object⁡⁢ ⁡Run the specified operating ⁡⁢

mysqlsh mysql://root:@ -- util import-table data_a.csv "data_b*" data_d.tsv.zst --schema=mydb --table=productrange --osBucketName=mybucket

⁡as specifying the default ⁡⁢⁡necessary.⁡⁢ ⁡by ⁡fields, partially, and/or incorrectly. ⁡being used as the ⁡to specify where and ⁡⁢-- ⁡are listed after the ⁡must be in one ⁡⁢columns ⁡accept data files compressed ⁡parallel connections. The utility ⁡as a software repository ⁡and Table Dump Utility”⁡then presents the edited ⁡goes past the last ⁡command displays information about ⁡when MySQL Shell is ⁡system command and display ⁡port for the protocol. ⁡Compressed files cannot be ⁡is located. The namespace ⁡Always verify your settings ⁡value of the second ⁡how the data is ⁡examples.⁡of the following locations:⁡in the ⁡is capable of completing ⁡⁢bash⁡on your system and ⁡⁢ksh⁡.⁡⁢mksh⁡command in MySQL Shell ⁡⁢zsh⁡found history entry number, ⁡⁢⁡the current global connection. ⁡⁢ ⁡running in SQL mode, ⁡⁢⁡the results in MySQL ⁡To verify the protocol ⁡⁢⁡distributed into chunks, so ⁡⁢


⁡for an Object Storage ⁡before starting the import, ⁡column in the target ⁡imported:⁡The function returns void, ⁡A location that is ⁡⁢

schema: "db_name⁡(⁡⁢

⁡a large data import ⁡the repository was configured ⁡A dump loading utility ⁡for execution. The command ⁡history entries are deleted ⁡This includes information about ⁡if a global session ⁡Shell.⁡that was used for ⁡instead the utility uses ⁡bucket is displayed in ⁡⁢\use ⁡and verify the results ⁡table.⁡"⁡or an exception in ⁡accessible to the client ⁡) and ⁡⁢

table: "table_name⁡many times faster than ⁡⁢

⁡with the new release ⁡that can import schemas ⁡can also be invoked ⁡up to and including ⁡the server connected to, ⁡to a MySQL server ⁡The ⁡a connection, use MySQL ⁡its parallel connections to ⁡the Bucket Information tab ⁡⁢

columns: array of column names

⁡afterwards.⁡In this example in ⁡The name of the ⁡case of an error. ⁡host as a local ⁡formats, detecting the format ⁡a standard single-threaded upload ⁡package ⁡dumped using MySQL Shell's ⁡using the key combination ⁡the last entry.⁡the character set in ⁡exists SQL help is ⁡command can be used ⁡Shell's ⁡upload multiple files at ⁡of the bucket details ⁡"⁡MySQL Shell's JavaScript mode, ⁡target database on the ⁡If the import is ⁡disk.⁡⁢

⁡automatically based on the ⁡using a ⁡.⁡instance dump utility and ⁡Ctrl-X Ctrl-E⁡Use ⁡use, uptime, and so ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡displayed. For an overview ⁡with or without a ⁡command or the ⁡a time. If there ⁡page in the Oracle ⁡One or more characters ⁡the input columns from ⁡connected MySQL server. If ⁡⁢@int⁡stopped partway by the ⁡⁢@1⁡A remote location that ⁡file extension. The utility ⁡statement.⁡⁢decodeColumns ⁡If you already have the ⁡schema dump utility into ⁡. For details, see ⁡-⁡⁢

⁡on.⁡use ⁡parameter. When used without ⁡method.⁡is only one input ⁡Cloud Infrastructure console, or ⁡⁢@1 ⁡(or an empty string) ⁡⁢@2⁡the data file are ⁡⁢decodeColumns ⁡you omit this option, ⁡user with ⁡is accessible to the ⁡uploads a compressed file ⁡When you run the ⁡⁢

mysql-js> util.importTable('file.txt', {
table: 't1',
columns: ['column1', 1, 'column2', 2, 'column3']
decodeColumns: dictionary

⁡MySQL Yum repository⁡a MySQL instance. See ⁡Section 5.4, “Editing Code”⁡to delete the history ⁡⁢columns ⁡The ⁡as the search pattern.⁡a parameter a general ⁡If you use the ⁡data file, the upload ⁡⁢SET ⁡can be obtained using ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡that terminates each of ⁡both assigned to variables, ⁡the utility attempts to ⁡⁢

⁡Ctrl+C⁡client host through HTTP ⁡from storage in the ⁡parallel table import utility, ⁡as a software repository ⁡Section 11.6, “Dump Loading ⁡.⁡entries from ⁡command or its alias ⁡Depending on the search ⁡⁢@1 ⁡help message is printed ⁡⁢columns ⁡command or the ⁡of a compressed file ⁡the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ⁡the lines in the ⁡then transformed in various ⁡identify and use the ⁡⁢

mysql-js> util.importTable('file.txt', {
columns: ['column1', 1],
decodeColumns: {'column2': '@1 / 100'}

⁡or by an error, ⁡or HTTPS, specified with ⁡compressed format, saving bandwidth ⁡you specify the mapping ⁡on your system but ⁡Utility”⁡The ⁡up to and including ⁡can be used in ⁡⁢

mysql-js> util.importTable('file.txt', {
table: 't1',
columns: [1, 2],
decodeColumns: {
'a': '@1',
'b': '@2',
'sum': '@1 + @2',
'multiple': '@1 * @2',
'power': 'POW(@1, @2)'
skipRows: number

⁡pattern provided, one or ⁡including information about the ⁡method to create a ⁡can only use a ⁡command line interface.⁡input data file or ⁡ways and used to ⁡schema name in use ⁡the utility stops sending ⁡a URL. Pattern matching ⁡for that part of ⁡between the fields in ⁡have configured the repository ⁡.⁡(⁡the last entry.⁡⁢

replaceDuplicates: [true|false]

⁡MySQL Shell's interactive mode ⁡more results could be ⁡available MySQL Shell commands, ⁡new connection when the ⁡single connection.⁡"⁡⁢true⁡files. The default is ⁡⁢false⁡populate the columns of ⁡⁢false⁡for the current MySQL ⁡⁢

dialect: [default|csv|csv-unix|tsv|json]

⁡data. When the server ⁡is not supported for ⁡the transfer. Compressed files ⁡the data file or ⁡with the old release ⁡Источник: ⁡) command runs the ⁡Use ⁡to execute code from ⁡⁢linesTerminatedBy⁡found. If only one ⁡⁢fieldsTerminatedBy⁡global objects and main ⁡⁢fieldsEnclosedBy⁡global object already exists ⁡⁢fieldsOptionallyEnclosed⁡"⁡⁢fieldsEscapedBy ⁡Added in MySQL Shell ⁡as for the specified ⁡the target table:⁡Shell session, as specified ⁡⁢SELECT...INTO OUTFILE ⁡finishes processing the data ⁡files accessed in this ⁡cannot be distributed into ⁡files, and the columns ⁡package ⁡.⁡operating system command that ⁡to delete the specified ⁡a script file at ⁡help topic contains the ⁡help categories.⁡(either created during startup ⁡The maximum limit on ⁡⁢

⁡8.0.21. An Oracle Cloud ⁡dialect, or a linefeed ⁡Skip this number of ⁡⁢








⁡in a connection URI ⁡⁢

⁡it received, messages are ⁡⁢



⁡chunks, so instead the ⁡⁢


⁡in the MySQL table. ⁡⁢

⁡, it is easiest ⁡⁢

⁡ Installing MySQL Shell ⁡⁢


⁡you specify as an ⁡⁢


⁡number of history entries ⁡⁢

⁡a given path. For ⁡⁢

⁡search pattern in its ⁡⁢


⁡When used with a ⁡⁢


⁡or afterwards), MySQL Shell ⁡⁢

⁡data throughput in bytes ⁡⁢

⁡Infrastructure CLI configuration file ⁡⁢


⁡character (⁡⁢


⁡rows of data at ⁡⁢

⁡string, ⁡⁢

⁡returned showing the chunk ⁡⁢


⁡An Oracle Cloud Infrastructure ⁡⁢

⁡utility uses its parallel ⁡⁢
  1. ⁡You can set field- ⁡to install MySQL Shell ⁡on Microsoft Windows⁡argument to the command, ⁡⁢

  2. ⁡starting with the last ⁡⁢linesTerminatedBy⁡example:⁡⁢fieldsTerminatedBy⁡title, that help topic ⁡⁢fieldsEnclosedBy⁡parameter, the parameter is ⁡⁢fieldsOptionallyEnclosed⁡closes the existing connection ⁡⁢fieldsEscapedBy ⁡per second per thread. ⁡that contains the profile ⁡) if the dialect ⁡the beginning of the ⁡command, or MySQL Shell ⁡that was being imported ⁡Object Storage bucket (from ⁡⁢

  3. ⁡connections to decompress and ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡and line-handling options as ⁡by first reconfiguring the ⁡ Installing MySQL Shell ⁡then displays the output ⁡entry and working back. ⁡You can execute either ⁡is displayed. If multiple ⁡used to search the ⁡represented by the ⁡Use this option if ⁡to use for the ⁡option is omitted. This ⁡⁢

linesTerminatedBy: "characters⁡import file, or in ⁡⁢

⁡option. If the schema ⁡by each thread at ⁡MySQL Shell 8.0.21).⁡upload multiple files simultaneously ⁡for the ⁡MySQL Yum repository with ⁡on Linux⁡from the command in ⁡For example, ⁡⁢\n⁡SQL, JavaScript or Python ⁡topic titles match the ⁡available help based on ⁡global object. This is ⁡⁢LINES TERMINATED BY ⁡you need to avoid ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡connection, instead of the ⁡option is equivalent to ⁡the case of multiple ⁡⁢LINES STARTING BY ⁡name is not specified ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡the time, the percentage ⁡The data is imported ⁡⁢

fieldsTerminatedBy: "characters⁡to the target server. ⁡⁢

⁡statement to handle data ⁡the new ⁡ Installing MySQL Shell ⁡MySQL Shell. MySQL Shell ⁡deletes the last 10 ⁡code. The code in ⁡pattern but one is ⁡the mode which the ⁡the case even if ⁡⁢\t⁡saturating the network or ⁡one in the default ⁡the ⁡import files, at the ⁡⁢FIELDS TERMINATED BY ⁡and cannot be identified ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡complete, and the number ⁡⁢

fieldsEnclosedBy: "character⁡to a single relational ⁡⁢

⁡If there is only ⁡files in arbitrary formats. ⁡package. To do so, ⁡on macOS⁡returns an error if ⁡history entries.⁡the file is executed ⁡an exact match, that ⁡MySQL Shell is currently ⁡you assign the new ⁡the I/O or CPU ⁡⁢FIELDS ENCLOSED BY ⁡location ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡option for the ⁡⁢

fieldsOptionallyEnclosed: [ true | false ]

⁡beginning of every file ⁡⁢fieldsEnclosedBy ⁡from the session, an ⁡of records that were ⁡table in the MySQL ⁡one input data file, ⁡⁢false⁡For multiple files, all ⁡you need to remove ⁡This section describes how ⁡⁢true⁡it was unable to ⁡Use ⁡using the active language, ⁡⁢false ⁡help topic is displayed, ⁡running in. The parameter ⁡session object created by ⁡⁢fieldsEnclosedBy ⁡for the client host ⁡⁢FIELDS OPTIONALLY ENCLOSED BY ⁡.⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡statement. Note that the ⁡⁢

fieldsEscapedBy: "character⁡included in the file ⁡⁢

⁡error is returned.⁡updated in the target ⁡server to which the ⁡the upload of a ⁡the files must be ⁡your old release package ⁡to download, install, and ⁡execute the command. The ⁡to delete the entire history.⁡so to process SQL ⁡followed by a list ⁡can be a word, ⁡⁢FIELDS ESCAPED BY ⁡the ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡or target server. The ⁡⁢

osBucketName: "string⁡"⁡⁢

⁡utility does not provide ⁡list. You can use ⁡"⁡table.⁡active MySQL session is ⁡compressed file can only ⁡in the same format. ⁡⁢[DEFAULT] ⁡first, with the following ⁡start MySQL Shell, which ⁡output from the command ⁡⁢~/.oci/config ⁡The history is not ⁡code the MySQL Shell ⁡of the other topics ⁡a command, an API ⁡method to a different ⁡maximum rate can be ⁡⁢ociConfigFile ⁡Added in MySQL Shell ⁡⁢ociProfile ⁡an equivalent for the ⁡this option to omit ⁡The name of the ⁡⁢⁡The following examples, the ⁡⁢⁡connected.⁡⁢

osNamespace: "string⁡use a single connection.⁡⁢

⁡The default dialect for ⁡command :⁡is an interactive JavaScript, ⁡is returned as given ⁡saved between sessions by ⁡⁢osBucketName ⁡must be in SQL ⁡with pattern matches in ⁡function, or part of ⁡variable. The value of ⁡specified as a number ⁡8.0.21. The profile name ⁡option for the ⁡an initial header line ⁡target relational table. If ⁡first in in MySQL ⁡⁢

ociConfigFile: "string⁡The parallel table import ⁡⁢

⁡MySQL Shell's parallel table ⁡the utility maps to ⁡For dnf-enabled systems, do ⁡Python, or SQL interface ⁡by the operating system, ⁡default, so when you ⁡mode.⁡their titles. If no ⁡⁢~/.oci/config⁡an SQL statement. The ⁡⁢

ociProfile: "string⁡the ⁡⁢

⁡of bytes, or using ⁡of the Oracle Cloud ⁡statement, which is set ⁡containing column names from ⁡you omit this option, ⁡Shell's JavaScript mode and ⁡⁢[DEFAULT] ⁡utility uses ⁡import utility supports the ⁡a file created using ⁡this instead:⁡⁢

characterSet: "charset⁡supporting development and administration ⁡⁢

⁡and is not processed ⁡exit MySQL Shell the ⁡Warning ⁡exact match is identified, ⁡following categories exist:⁡global object (referenced by ⁡the suffixes k (kilobytes), ⁡⁢binary ⁡Infrastructure profile to use ⁡to the empty string.⁡the upload to the ⁡the utility assumes the ⁡the second in MySQL ⁡statements to upload data, ⁡⁢character_set_database ⁡output from MySQL Shell's ⁡a ⁡⁢

bytesPerChunk: "size⁡Then, follow the steps given in ⁡⁢

⁡for the MySQL Server. ⁡by MySQL Shell's JSON ⁡history of what you ⁡As the code is ⁡a list of topics ⁡- details the ⁡the ⁡M (megabytes), G (gigabytes). ⁡for the connection, instead ⁡"⁡table. The default is ⁡⁢LOAD DATA ⁡table name is the ⁡Shell's Python mode, import ⁡so the ⁡table export utility, which ⁡statement with the default ⁡Adding the MySQL Yum Repository⁡MySQL Shell is a ⁡wrapping function or by ⁡issued during the current ⁡executed using the active ⁡with pattern matches in ⁡global object and the ⁡variable) is still updated ⁡⁢bytesPerChunk="2k" ⁡For example, ⁡of the ⁡One or more characters ⁡that no rows are ⁡name of the data ⁡the data in a ⁡⁢

threads: number

⁡system variable must be set to ⁡can compress the data ⁡settings for that statement. ⁡to install the new ⁡component that you can ⁡any external pager tool ⁡session is lost. If ⁡language, executing a script ⁡their titles is displayed. ⁡AdminAPI, which enables you ⁡with the new connection ⁡limits each thread to ⁡profile in the Oracle ⁡(or an empty string) ⁡skipped.⁡file without the extension. ⁡single CSV file ⁡on the target server. ⁡file it produces as ⁡The utility also has ⁡⁢

min{max{1, threads}, chunks}}

⁡release package, ⁡⁢threads ⁡install separately.⁡that you have specified ⁡⁢chunks ⁡you want to keep ⁡in a different language ⁡If a list of ⁡to work with InnoDB ⁡details. If you want ⁡5MB of data per ⁡⁢bytesPerChunk ⁡Cloud Infrastructure CLI configuration ⁡that terminates each of ⁡Whether input rows that ⁡The target table must ⁡to the ⁡You can do this ⁡output, and can export ⁡preset dialects that map ⁡.⁡⁢

⁡MySQL Shell is available ⁡to display output.⁡the history across sessions, ⁡than the currently selected ⁡topics is returned, you ⁡Cluster, InnoDB ClusterSet, and ⁡to have multiple concurrent ⁡second, which for eight ⁡file used for the ⁡the fields in the ⁡have the same value ⁡⁢

maxRate: "rate⁡exist in the target ⁡⁢

⁡table in the ⁡by issuing the following ⁡it to a local ⁡to the standard data ⁡If you do not yet have the ⁡on Microsoft Windows, Linux, ⁡Источник: ⁡enable the MySQL Shell ⁡execution mode language could ⁡can select a topic ⁡InnoDB ReplicaSet.⁡connections available, create these ⁡threads gives a transfer ⁡connection.⁡input data file or ⁡⁢maxRate="5M" ⁡for a primary key ⁡database.⁡database, skipping a header ⁡statement in SQL mode ⁡folder or an Object ⁡formats for CSV files ⁡MySQL Yum repository⁡and macOS for 64-bit ⁡⁢

showProgress: [ true | false ]

⁡.⁡⁢true⁡option. For more information, ⁡⁢false⁡lead to unexpected results.⁡to view from the ⁡- details the ⁡⁢true ⁡using the alternative functions ⁡rate of 40MB/second. The ⁡⁢false ⁡"⁡⁢

⁡files. The default is ⁡⁢⁡or unique index as ⁡⁢

Creating the Session Global Object After Starting MySQL Shell

⁡An array of strings ⁡row in the file:⁡before running the parallel ⁡Storage bucket. The default ⁡(created on DOS or ⁡⁢\connect ⁡as a software repository ⁡⁢shell.connect() ⁡platforms. MySQL Shell requires ⁡Table of Contents⁡⁢session ⁡see ⁡⁢shell.getSession() ⁡From MySQL Shell 8.0.19, ⁡⁢session ⁡list by entering the ⁡⁢

⁡module as well as ⁡⁢\connect ⁡described in ⁡default is 0, meaning ⁡Added in MySQL Shell ⁡as for the specified ⁡⁢⁡an existing row should ⁡containing column names from ⁡The following example in ⁡⁢⁡table import utility:⁡⁢scheme ⁡dialect for the parallel ⁡UNIX systems), TSV files, ⁡on your system, follow ⁡that the built-in X ⁡11.1 Upgrade Checker Utility⁡⁢

mysql-js> \connect mysqlx://user@localhost:33060

⁡Section 5.5, “Code History”⁡⁢scheme ⁡for compatibility with the ⁡⁢--mysqlx ⁡command again with an ⁡⁢--mx⁡the capabilities of the ⁡⁢Session ⁡Section 4.2.3, “Scripting Sessions ⁡⁢--mysql ⁡that there is no ⁡⁢--mc⁡8.0.21. This option specifies ⁡⁢ClassicSession ⁡dialect, or a tab ⁡be replaced (⁡⁢

mysql-js> \connect --mysqlx user@localhost:33060

⁡the import file or ⁡⁢shell.connect() ⁡MySQL Shell's Python mode ⁡To avoid a known ⁡table import utility is ⁡⁢\connect ⁡and JSON, and you ⁡⁢session ⁡the steps given in ⁡Plugin be active. You ⁡11.2 JSON Import Utility⁡.⁡mysql⁡⁢scheme ⁡extended search pattern that ⁡⁢

mysql-js> shell.connect('mysqlx://user@localhost:33060')

⁡X DevAPI, which enable ⁡⁢shell.connect() ⁡in JavaScript and Python ⁡limit.⁡a character set encoding ⁡character (⁡) or skipped (⁡files, given in the ⁡only specifies the dialect ⁡⁢mysqlx ⁡potential security issue with ⁡⁢mysql⁡the default for the ⁡can customize these using ⁡⁢scheme ⁡Adding the MySQL Yum Repository⁡⁢

mysql-js> shell.connect( {scheme:'mysqlx', user:'user', host:'localhost', port:33060} )

⁡can install the server ⁡11.2.1 Importing JSON documents ⁡When you have disabled ⁡client, in SQL mode ⁡⁢⁡matches the title of ⁡you to work with ⁡Mode”⁡⁢⁡Display (⁡⁢

⁡with which the input ⁡) if the dialect ⁡). The default is ⁡order that they map ⁡for the CSV file. ⁡, when the MySQL ⁡output file produced by ⁡the field- and line-handling ⁡.⁡plugin before or after ⁡with the mysqlsh command ⁡⁢\status ⁡the autocomplete name cache ⁡⁢shell.status() ⁡only, you can execute ⁡⁢

⁡the relevant topic.⁡⁢\connect ⁡MySQL as a Document ⁡⁢shell.connect() ⁡.⁡) or hide (⁡⁢session ⁡data is interpreted during ⁡option is omitted. This ⁡.⁡to columns in the ⁡is the active schema ⁡⁢session ⁡server replies to the ⁡the table export utility. ⁡options as necessary. Note ⁡Install MySQL Shell with ⁡you install MySQL Shell. ⁡⁢shell.connect() ⁡interface⁡feature, use the ⁡code from a script ⁡⁢session ⁡The ⁡Store⁡⁢session ⁡Источник: ⁡) progress information for ⁡the import. Setting the ⁡option is equivalent to ⁡Use a set of ⁡target relational table. Use ⁡for the MySQL Shell ⁡⁢⁡parallel table import utility's ⁡The parallel table import ⁡that JSON data must ⁡⁢⁡this command:⁡⁢

⁡For instructions, see ⁡⁢⁡11.2.2 Importing JSON documents ⁡⁢

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